Although gambling is restricted to certain groups under the Turkish Penal Code (TStGB) and is a criminal offense, betting and gaming (e.g. lottery games) are massively regulated industries in Turkey. While games like 22Bet are quite popular here is what you have to keep in mind. 

The gaming and betting sectors have significant volumes in Turkey, despite strict legislation and government oversight. Nevertheless, the fight against illegal online betting and gambling continues, especially from a criminal law perspective. These illegal platforms attract attention because they offer low-cost betting and online gambling, which are also prohibited.

Offering gambling is a criminal offense: The crime of gambling – i.e. the offense of providing a place and opportunity for gambling – is regulated by Article 228 of the TCC. According to it, such an offense can be realized by providing a place and/or opportunity for gambling or by offering online gambling through information systems. A person found guilty of gambling faces a prison sentence of one to three years and a fine of at least two hundred daily rates. 

In addition, a person who engages in gambling is subject to a fine of TRY 1,000 under the Administrative Penal Code, and the winnings obtained through gambling are confiscated and made public. 

Betting operations are conducted through the Sport Toto Organization: In Turkey, joint betting on sports competitions with fixed odds is offered by the Sport Toto Organization (Organization) through private companies in exchange for profit shares with main dealer tariff and service contracts. Private companies are authorized through tenders, the details of which are specified in the Law on Joint Betting on Fixed Odds Sports Competitions by Private Companies.

While there are several platforms and channels of officially authorized private companies through which to place sports bets, the procedures and guidelines, including important aspects such as winnings, are set out in the fixed odds betting directories published by the Presidium of the Sports Toto Organization.

In Turkey, betting is brokered through stationary, mobile as well as online (bayi) dealers.

Stationary trading is carried out on the basis of a license issued by the organization or the relevant private body. If a stationary trade license is granted, a stationary trade contract shall be concluded with the dealer*, which shall have a maximum duration of ten (10) years.

In addition to the requirements that must be fulfilled by the natural or legal person acquiring a dealer license, the Regulation on the Conduct of Joint Betting on Fixed Odds Sports Contests (Regulation) regulates the conditions for stationary dealers. Accordingly, the retailer must have its location on a main street, thoroughfare or in a shopping mall, it must have an area designated for betting and advertising, and it must have a usable area of at least 25 square meters where certain equipment, such as monitors, can be placed to display the results of the betting. Finally, the store design must conform to the specified design or colors.

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