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If you want to make the most of your Premier League bets, you have come to the right place. By now you should know that luck is not everything when it comes to betting. The statistics, the history and the trajectory of the teams are determining factors, especially in English football. In this post we are going to provide you with the best Premier League betting tips. Keep reading and discover all the tricks.

Betting Premier League 2022 – 2023

Start one of the best leagues in the world. The current champion, Manchester City, will try to defend the title after being crowned champion by a single point, in a very even competition against Liverpool. For their part, Chelsea and other teams now in the second row will try to become competitive again. Let’s go with the best betting tips for the Premier League!

Market of bets to the champion of the Premier

The beautiful thing about the English League is the fierce fight for the title. Although this dispersion with several candidates for the title ended, and everything was concentrated in City and Liverpool, nothing could be further from losing emotion. In the previous edition, there was only one point of difference, and in the last 5 years they have concentrated 4 titles. Something curious when in the previous 15 editions they only had 2 (City). It’s just that in the Premier League everything seems done… and suddenly Leicester appears and surprises!

We recommend you pay close attention to the markets in the coming weeks to bet on the Premier League champion!

  • Arsenal @1.72
  • Man City @2.10
  • United @501.00

Palmares Premier League

Manchester United, which hasn’t won a league title since the 2013-14 season, is the most successful in Premier League betting, with 20 titles, followed by Liverpool with 19. For its part, City has 8 titles, but 4 of them in the last 5 years. Who have been the last champions of the competition?

  • 2021-22: City
  • 2020-21: City
  • 2019-20: Liverpool
  • 2018-19: City
  • 2017-18: City
  • 2016-17: Chelsea

Tips and statistics for betting on British football

British football

English football is very different from the rest, it has many peculiarities. Among them, the direct style and the speed of the game stand out. Crosses into the area and counterattacks are the hallmark of British football. Although with coaches like Pep Guardiola more and more of a “touch” style is being established. Let’s see the main tips for betting on the Premier League:

The one who plays at home has an advantage

Even the smallest teams are favorites when they play at home. The atmosphere that is generated in the English stadiums means that the visiting teams have added pressure, which is why there is so much competitiveness that you should consider in the Premier League forecasts.

Over 2.5 total goals

The Premier League has always been one of the competitions with the highest scoring records. Most teams, whether they have a better or worse squad, tend to bet on attacking play. The following graph shows that the average number of goals per game in the last five seasons has been more than 2.8 goals. Therefore, placing a bet that more than 2.5 total goals will be scored is very tempting. Only three teams had less than one goal on average per game.

Very Outstanding Teams

Very Outstanding Teams

There are teams that stand out by far in the Premier League. City and Liverpool, with a win rate of over 70%, achieved a huge goal difference of +73 and +68 respectively. They are joined by Chelsea, with “only” 21 of 38 wins, but with a DG of 33, also considerable. Being a league with so many goals and difference, this is where handicap bets take on special importance.

EYE with last minute goals

The last stretch of the English League matches is usually the most hectic. And it is not surprising, in most matches the stoppage time is much higher than in other leagues. On some occasions it has reached up to 10 minutes of added time. Taking into account an important part of the goals are scored after the 80th minute, this data leads us to very interesting betting markets:

  • Live: betting that a goal will be scored with a few minutes to go is a good strategy. Obviously it has its risk, but the statistics speak for themselves. In addition, the odds when betting live are much more attractive.
  • Half with the most goals and total goals 2nd half: in the pre-match you can also bet on the half in which the most goals will be scored. In this case it is advisable to opt for the second half. Another quite profitable market, also before the game, is to predict the number of goals that will be in the last 45 minutes.

If you have been able to check the Premier League betting forecasts that we have offered you at the beginning of the post, you will have been able to verify that a large part of these forecasts are linked to goals. As you have seen, there is a wide variety of Premier League betting forecasts. It only depends on you and your success when choosing the right market to be able to become the real winner of the English betting league. What are you waiting for? Bet NOW on the Premier League!

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