La Perla del Caribe Deluxe, a most exotic trip

If what you are looking for is to immerse yourself in a Caribbean experience, the slot machine La Perla del Caribe Deluxe is your title.

With this exclusive slot machine, you will be able to immerse yourself in one of its minigames such as ”Vamos a Surfear”, ”Los Timbales”, ”Los Bikinis’, ”Los Ermitaños”, etc. The graphic quality! it will make you vibrate!

We teach you how to play La Perla del Caribe Deluxe slot machine

Caribe Deluxe slot machine

To get the payouts of this cool and fun online slot, you will have to match three identical figures on the prize line. Next we are going to explain what games you can discover on the lower screen:

  • The Timbales: Pure rhythm to obtain the most coveted prizes. On the screen, 5 kettledrums will appear with the prize visible, where you can choose your favorite and enjoy the prize translated into coins or bonuses.
  • Let’s Surf!: Do you want to ride waves? You will have 4 surfer figures at the top that you will have to light up when the figure appears on one of the three reels. When you have all 4 figures illuminated, you will have the chance to choose one of the figures on the panel to get your prize. When you receive it, the surfers’ marker will return to its initial state, blank, so it will reset to zero again.

In La Perla del Caribe Deluxe, the bikini girl figure represents the wild feature by substituting for any figure to form a winning combination. On the other hand, the stars are used to play on the screen of a higher level.

There are times when a play without a prize can give you advances, so you can move the figures on the reels trying to find a winning combination. One or two reels can be retained to increase the chances of winning on the next spin.

To play on the upper screen, you must press the ”Game with Bonuses” button where you can play 8 lines. If a turtle figure appears, it will improve the counter at the bottom. When the 8 turtles are illuminated, this endearing animal will allow you to choose a figure with a winning spin.

The agaponi is another of the figures on the upper screen, which will randomly jump onto the reels and help you get winning combinations.

What are the minigames in La Perla del Caribe Deluxe?

These are the mini-games offered by the La Perla del Caribe Deluxe slot where you can access with the bonuses, translated in this title by starfish:

  • the hermits
  • the Bikinis
  • add coconuts
  • fishing

Do you dare with the slot machine La Perla del Caribe Deluxe? Sign up here and have fun.

The Farm Slot. Grab the wheelbarrow and work your prizes!

This third title brought to you exclusively by Sportium by Cirsa, will make you work hard visiting the pigs, driving the moles off their land, picking pears, managing sheep, and much more to become a top-class farmer in the The Farm slot. A slot that has advances, bonuses, mini-games and a superior screen. Do you want to know how to play? Keep reading

How to play La Granja slot?

How to play La Granja slot?

With this mythical bar slot machine, you will be able to save advances and use the withholdings as in a real slot.

La Granja slot pays you per combination from left to right. If you manage to combine 3 wheelbarrows on a prize line on the lower screen, you will be able to access one of the 6 mini-games that this mythical bar slot machine has, such as El Tractor, Los Topos and Las Peras. In this slot, the jug figure in any position gives you the bonuses, which will help you play on the upper screen and with better prizes. As in the previous titles, to play on said screen, you will have to press ”Select game”, and if the figure The Farm appears, the number of prize lines on the screen will rise to 8.

On the top screen you will have the opportunity to play one of 3 additional games such as ”Cow Game” or ”Sheep Game”. To play these mini-games, you’ll need to collect a trio of Milk Brick, Ball of Wool, or Egg Cup figures.

As regards the lower screen of the La Granja slot, a winless spin can grant advances, where you can move figures on the reels and look for a winning combination. You can also retain one or two reels to increase the chances on the next play.

At the Sportium casino we already have these three exclusive Cirsa slot machines. Are you ready to have fun at the El Tesoro de Java slot? Or maybe you prefer something fresh like La Perla del Caribe Deluxe, or “work” your prizes in the La Granja slot? Enter now, register and enjoy!

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