La Liga Santander Predictions: Winning bets!

Where are the best players? In the league. And the best teams? In the league. So, can it be considered the best league in the world? Well… of course YES. In this post you will learn how to place bets with our Santander League predictions, among many other things. Welcome!

Predictions and bets to La Liga 2022-23

Are you going to miss the best predictions for La Liga Santander? Surely not… Keep them in mind before placing your bets. You know, information is power in sports betting. Although why fool ourselves, you always have to have some luck. This is our selection of matches for the next day, ARE YOU IN?

How to take advantage of La Liga betting statistics

betting statistics

Winning betting on La Liga can be a rewarding task or end up becoming hell. In a championship that lasts ten months, 38 days of ten games each and, therefore, an infinite number of matches each week, the chances of winning and losing are many. This means that, with consistent La Liga betting action throughout a season, a player has opportunities to recover and learn after each failure almost constantly. Something good and bad at the same time, since suddenly we can find ourselves facing very good streaks in which it seems that we do not stop winning… and other disastrous ones, in which, whatever we do, it will seem that we are destined to lose forever. From our side, we have given you the LaLiga forecasts that are most likely to occur, but it is in your hands to decide to bet on them or not.

This longevity in terms of betting on a championship like LaLiga must therefore be faced with a very well thought out and established sports betting strategy, which does not make us despair when things go wrong, nor err on the side of euphoria when it happens right away. otherwise. In the end, what is sought is the long-term benefit. And, within the many Spanish LaLiga betting tips that we have given you, we must stop at a fundamental parameter when it comes to understanding how we can win in the long term.

One thing is evident in betting on LaLiga. It is not the same to bet on the start of the league championship, than to place your bets on the final stretch of LaLiga. There are teams that play everything for everything and others that have everything done. We suggest that you review with us some of these peculiarities that will lead you to get closer to your La Liga predictions.

First Division 2022/23: Data to take into account

First of all, we must make it clear that football is not a scientific sport. Not much less! In fact, it is one of the most imperfect sports out there. Its greatness is due, among many other things, to the fact that it is one of the disciplines in which it is more possible to experience surprises, such as a third division team giving the bell and beating a great from Europe. Playing better, having more possession or enjoying more chances does not guarantee a win either. We give you the LaLiga forecasts that can best be adjusted to reality, but we must never guarantee anything.

That component of injustice makes it addictive, even if it doesn’t seem like it. But even so, if we take the entire volume of games from an entire championship and reduce them to statistics for that League in different aspects, we can see how there are trends that are repeated season after season. And it is logical that this happens.

Santander League predictions: Goals are key

Santander League predictions

In the end, to win a championship that requires as much regularity as a League, you need to be better than your rival during most days. And that, in turn, requires winning games, for which you have to score goals, and try not to receive them… so far, everything fits, right? Well then: within this review of LaLiga Statistics, and always setting ourselves as an example last season, 2021/22, let’s see how the first classified fared in terms of goals scored and conceded:

The 5 most scoring teams

  • Real Madrid: 80
  • Barcelona: 68
  • Athletic: 65
  • Villarreal: 63

The 5 least thrashed teams

  • Seville: 30
  • Real Madrid: 31
  • Athletic: 36
  • Real Sociedad and Villarreal: 37

If we stop to look at the data, we can see how in the goals scored section, Barça, and Atlético and Real Madrid, occupy the top positions. For the first time in recent years, the whites are the best in this aspect, due to the fall of the blaugranas from these positions. Another aspect that we observed in this last season is that both Atlético de Madrid and Barça fell out of the TOP of defensive teams, despite being in the Champions League. Will it be a new norm or a mirage?

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